Jesus Told A Fart Joke

A funny-bone factum can cut to the marrow. 

Consider concerning your mind with that narrow 

perspective, selectively set here, discretely 

posted, at most if not in part, completely 

without knowing you, or meaning to crack wise 

by jumping at the chance to proselytize

 a presence of opinion as if it were fact, 

without at least proffering some panache and tact.

'I'm funny to read!', I'll say, showing some nerve. 

You'll further observe mention of a bell curve 

that simply flies by, going right over head 

making this just as easily followed as led.

I sleep like a baby. So, maybe it's good

that whenever I find something misunderstood, 

but having to be seen like as if one were peeking, 

I take it head on, at least rhetorically speaking.

Which is why I mention perpension. I see

the distinct potential, and possibility

that maybe, perhaps, there’s a chance that I could 

help you understand it, as if I understood.

I must be exact, a didact put to use see,

 because [here we pause] I often write obtusely. 

I intend no pretension, nor to start a rift, 

but what you do think of the term, Silent Gift?

When heard in those words, is it simply dismissible? 

Or when seen, does it mean that it too is indicible? 

Can a pause cause a plausible, unspoken thing 

one hears in one’s ear, but can't say, and can't sing? 

Ponder the truth of it. Be self-intrusive. 

Despite what you might think about this diffusive 

remark, it's a lark to sharpen your obtuseness. 

When perpension is required, please use this:

 Jesus told a fart joke once. I swear he did. I know it. 

Jesus told a fart joke once. Now listen up. I'll show it.

Jesus told a fart joke once, or twice. I've heard His word, 

and Jesus told a fart joke once. I know that sounds absurd, 

but Jesus told that fart joke once, and everybody listened

to Jesus's best fart joke like it was their Holy mission.

So, Jesus told that fart joke once. It's written in John 3:8. 

Jesus told a fart joke once. Just look. It ain't too late,

to hear the fart joke Jesus told. 

Now listen! Still the breezes!

I know this may sound rather bold, 

but 'The wind blows where it pleases!'