Thursday, January 19, 2023

Morning’s Dew

 Early morning lighting often highlights my writing, 

when what I have to say dawns on me, like each new day. 

It dawns on me now that what you read may allow 

you to see mornings do wonders for you too.

She used to have hair. People stared at her mane. 

Now she has not. She smokes pot for her pain,

and a byproduct of all the cannabinoids sent

 into her brain for that pain is her enjoyment.

So, dear friends, my commitment is this:

That the compounds found in cannabis

should be cause to pause at passing screens.

Therefore, what this puff-puff passage means

is that now you see, so now you’ll know, 

and what you see and know will show 

when what you say shows how it is 

when healing is revealed by your witness.