Thursday, January 19, 2023


 I Speak these words softly for those who hear hard. 

In a moment, a naked man will run through the garden.

Okay, so the truth is he won’t be quite nude.

He’ll bear boxers, briefly, to not appear rude.

The garden is properly private, in a sense,

but of course it’s quite easy to see through the fence.

If you look past the plum tree, through timbered split rails

you’ll see happy dogs playing, chasing their tails

as a naked man sits on a hill, talking silly.

Look if you want, please don't point at his ... Will he 

or won't he? If a question remains 

regarding his guarding, the garden pertains

to all the odd things a man can't compromise. 

This much is certain. You needn't surmise.

There are things without which a man can’t do. 

Kept unto myself, I will give mine to you

in these words, as I whisper this quieting sound. 

For those hard of hearing, it’s hardly profound.

We live with masked bandits, and burrowing hogs. 

Relating that makes me an ideologue

to show I know how to dispose them as such. 

We might not mind them, except for how much 

they can damage our stuff, like veggies and fruit.

If they only ate some, we might not give a hoot, 

but it isn't that simple. Excuse this brief rant. 

Hogs and masked bandits will destroy every plant!

So, rather than complain, or get all intense, 

resolve is our answer. At first came the fence,

but that wasn’t enough to keep all varmints out. 

To find resolution, again, there's no doubt

that is why I’m writing, so you’ll understand:

 Protecting our garden, I’m just a naked man 

resolved to solving the problems discussed. 

Thusly, our motto is, “In Dog We Trust.”