Thursday, January 26, 2023


Pardon me. You can see, as pertains to that subject, 

in deference and reference to what others suspect, 

the answer for dancers, and all others who move, 

varies very little in terms of their 'groove' -

a conceptual vision in rhythmic relation

to who sees it coming, given one's motivation.

If words get one moving, I'll tell you what then. 

Exercise! Practice! Just get those reps in! 

Stretch & Relax - those two acts, simply stated 

in this way one could say, show a self-motivated 

position recognition in a place at a time,

as the facts of the acts are related in rhyme.

At my ease, as I please, and discretion I show you 

just what compliments me, and what I'm opposed to 

in verse with this terse but distinct little ditty 

with nary one curse. Well, except that it's shitty.

I think this verse stinks with a wink and a nod. See, 

in truth, in my youth I wrote never this oddly.

As you see, I write me. Neither Shakespeare nor Donne 

would think such a stink could make a movement fun 

to read. Do concede, or you'll have to admit

you’ve wasted your time on a rhyme for nitwits.

Posit or pass, I was just thinking through to

the act, if in fact, all my words here could move you.