Friday, January 20, 2023

Lucky Guessing

 It takes a while to think things out, to contemplate and stew, 

because every time one looks at things is another point of view,

so applied right here within this sphere are such guess aesthetics 

as those oft found bound in books about business and ethics.

 If you had a million bucks, I can guess what you'd do, 

because I guess I'd do pretty much the same thing as you.

We’d spend some of it just for fun, I guess. We’d pay some bills, 

and use it as a lever to address financial ills.

I've a sidekick predeliction to my diction, and my speech 

suggests that I'm ingesting cheese and crackers when I preach,

so I've devised this, and advise all reading to take note 

of everything you'd think to say, if this was yours to quote.

If this was yours to quote, devote some time and energy 

to non-zero sum freedoms in dynamic synergy.

Give yourself some credit. Edit as you see fit, lest 

what you say betray someone by bearing false witness.