Friday, January 20, 2023

Finding Faith

 Mustard Seeds, brown, black and white, 

grow wildly when exposed to light.

In each word you read

is a very small seed.

So I sow with my left hand, and write.

TEST. Check. Test. Is this thing on?

Can you hear me? I think I’ve gone 

completely, sweetly, out of my mind. Did 

I say that right? I’ve just been blinded 

by these bright shining lights. I see 

you blankly staring back at me,

glaring at these words I'm writing, 

when saying things like this, inciting

riots in the minds of those 

who hear this message. I propose 

you might be someone who’s suspected 

that this gift of interjected, 

perverse verse dispersion,

is a left to right conversion

table. Able minds will tell 

whether or not this was done well.