Friday, January 20, 2023


Bless you, I’d say, were I addressing a sneeze, 

so I mean to bless you like you have allergies. 

I’m guessing such blessings for sneezes appeal 

to those who also like to eat a blessed meal,

so if we were eating, I’d repeat what I’m saying 

for you who, supposedly, would then be praying.

Confession is good for the sole of a foot.

I hope you can cope well when my foot 

is put to task. If you ask me a question I'll say,

“Walk a while. Wear a smile. Have a great day 

wherever you are, whether far or much nearer.” 

I don't know how I could make this any clearer.

Bless you. I guess you could say I've confessed 

to all a man can, when a man’s been well blessed. 

So bless you again. Eschew issues of such 

blessings if guessing their mission gives much 

pause, as to cause indecision and doubt

are not what these words, or blessings are about.

These blessings suggest themselves, seen on your screen 

by you who can choose just how blessed you have been. 

Now, add more blessings to those you’ve just read

 that simply affirm how you’re blessed in your head.