Friday, January 20, 2023

A Diversion In Verse

I’m here to tell a story that will simply blow your mind, 

true in every detail. Without question, you will find 

everything authentic; every word and every phrase 

faithfully depicting my predictions of the day's 

events in tense pre-knowing; prescient of coming times 

presently presented in all these well worded rhymes:

So, since I have something to say;

to pass along in such a way

as to be rendered understood

as passing on a bit of good, 

old-fashioned written wit in rhyme, 

revealed, at present, in the time, 

and place this space permit allows; 

permitting wits ever were endowed, 

then but for your intellect 

mine would be lost, I do suspect.

Perhaps it’s here, or somewhere close. 

I've not been far, but that's the most

that I can say regarding smarts. 

This prose poetry presents ‘Hi Arts’ 

consisting of such stuff as this wit 

so passers’ by might see, or miss it.

Thus seen, ‘between words’ also are wrought. 

In this dimwit doggerel, ‘sans mots’

conveys that thought quite simply, minded 

such between words are thus defined. Did 

I forget, or fail to mention

between words, disbelief suspension

reveals vast fields of recollections? 

Viewed between words, verse selections 

put such thoughts properly in places, 

between words, causing smiles on faces 

such as the one you may share

with careful wearing. People stare, 

and wonder at its cause, the ‘Why’.

What Reason between words like ‘Hi’ 

and ‘Art’ can start the impetus within 

those most disposed to bare a grin? 

As you surmise, or could have guessed,

this is the one thing I do best - 

put purpose between each word

one might presume is seen and heard 

in terms specifically defined

by following along these lines.

By that, I mean herein applied.


Your comprehension is relied 

upon to get the gist of it, 

to make it fit the sense of it,

the thing that rings out loud and clear, 

beneath each sound, beyond your fear

of little things, like bugs and such; 

the fact that we don't hug that much; 

and that all we have is all we’ve got.

It’s not as if we say a lot 

about the things we understand,

the things that must go hand-in-hand

as compliments to fair use. Terms

like bugs, an insect, a Bunny, or some germs 

we share because we're just that close. 

Isn’t that funny? It's the most 

delightful way that I can say

I hope that you enjoy your day, 

despite the fact that I myself

must spend it off in someplace else 

without you, though that doesn't mean

either of us should quit the scene.

That is, until we’ve learned to cope.

We live in ever present Hope

that ‘something ventured, something gained’ 

will mean that someday we'll obtain

a better sense of presence, since

in present tense, you appear dense!

If I must repeat, again,

from heights not quite five feet ten,

and weighted now to give the hunch

that rarely will I miss my lunch.

Regarding my present density, 

and also my propensity

for texture, taste, and intonation, 

concept, craft and conflagration 

so intense, and burning bright 

the chances are that you just might 

soon feel my heat, a light injection 

so subtle and close to perfection 

that you'll find it most fascinating 

in that it's all about vaccinating!

It's a hoot! A laugh! A lark!

A well thought out SHOT (in the dark). 

It's a plan I had that I'm having still. 

So, begging your pardon, if you will, 

just step right up, and get a thrill 

from what must mostly fit the bill

as a ‘Madrigal Sum Perspicil’, 

a diversion in verse.