#Hieronymous707 (LOL!)

I am Hieronymous707- Poet, Prophet, and Sage.

 You are my audience. This page is my stage. 
I portend good fortune and sense, while suggesting 
no fortunes come free, vis-à-vis one's investing.

You Must pay attention to glean any worth.
You Must pay respect to all others on Earth.
You Must be fair. As you see, there's a charge. 
For most it’s a pittance, but for some it’s quite large.

Watch your objections. Please, don't start a riot. 
To get the full impact, we need peace (and quiet). 
Though Must may sound mustily fashioned or stern, 
you’re free to choose just which lessons you’ll learn.

As if anyone cared that you do what you will. 
You’ve done it before. No doubt you do still. 
The attention you pay with respect to each Must 
relates in these statements as matters of Trust.

If you comprehend dividends as motific
of text, taste and temperature, to be specific, 
the form of a Fortune requires one two things:
 One-Follow the meter, Two-Listen. It sings

a sound you will hear lasting only a moment. 
Latch on to its concept. Allow that to foment. 
These rhymes are for you, one and all; every one 
invested with jests, and committed to fun.

All the rhymes here, and the odd words you see, 
pertain to one subject - Ha Ha ESP!
Sense Extra Perceptively. Soon, you will tell 
that Emergency Services Personnel,

and these doggerels, versed in your behalf,
are just what you need, an Emergency Laugh!
(As 707, I'm put to best usage
in verse, with terse reference to green eggs and Seussage.)

LOL! See, a phrase turned up funny.
Laughing Out Loud means you’re right on the money! 
From origins as ancient than they are eponymous, 
I’m proud to present to you, Ha! Ha! Hieronymous!

My name, if you’ve heard, or may already know, 
refers laughingly to the line of Hiero. 
707/LOL is Palindromatical,
and sometimes ana and/or epi grammatical.
Perhaps this is that, or substantially more,
if you find worth in reading whatnot, or wherefore.

Call me Hi (short for Hieronymous) or 707, if you prefer …

And to either I will answer; to your judgment, I’ll defer,
because only you can say when you concur with what I may have said.
I wouldn't presume to speak for you to put ideas in your head,
but if you need a definition of a term that is in doubt,
I would suggest a good library dictionary. Check one out.

If all you really want to read are more amusing words galore, 
then what I’d say is that ‘today’ is full of hours, twenty-four,
and every minute we are in it is nearly spent like every beat 
that you can hear within this clearly stated versicle, replete 
with my suggestions to the questions that pertain to such events. 
So, if you're not astonished now, imagine a few minutes hence.
It's what I do. This is my flavor. I intend to edu-tain
with every word put here before you, of which fewer now remain.

 I'm the Hieronymous House poet, and thus equipped for self-defining 
with this ordinary language wherein terms in use are mining,
digging deep into your consciousness of context and content 
to clearly create a conception. Consequently, your consent 
to the idea that such cadences and rhymes portray a heart 
reveals how fortunate you are to think of this as such, 'Hi Art'.

My technique isn't perfect, but it's not far from said perfection.
I make subtle little hints, and hide subliminal suggestions
in every word you’ve read, like I have often said before.
Just because you heard it, don't assume what lies in store.

So, if you follow up relationships to every time and date, 
you'll see how things can be affected by peculiar twists of fate. 
Like hints that are subliminal, the root is quite sublime.
I add these twists of least resistance, written out in rhyme.