Parental Advisory

Hear Ye. Hear Ye. Here we propose to posit prose poetry
forming a form of continuous connectivity,
to communicate considerable contemplative reflectivity.

Simply put, we pose this where
prose poetry is what you’ll hear
when wondering where the time went
while reading such rhyme wonderments
as oft are wrought, and revealed thusly,
each whit of wit written Hieronymously.

Healing Business

 She used to have hair. People stared at her mane. 

Now she has not. She smokes pot for the pain, 

and so uses the cannabinoids sent 

to her brain for both pain and enjoyment.

Friends, our binding commitment is this: 
That the compounds found in cannabis 
are cause to pause at passing screens. 
What this puff puff passage means 
is, now you see, so now you know. 
Welcome to The Hieronymous Show,
where what you see is what it is, this 
bit of revealed, healing business.

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