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All In - The Cards

My head can ache when I play cards,
but when I hold 'em close to heart
all my headaches disappear.
New associations are made clear.

Statistics fit, relative to
the answers the cards give you.
Head and heart connect through these
purpose-filled pasteboard peculiarities.

Projecting your authority can surely inspire pride.
Acknowledged for accomplishments, now time is on your side.
Strive to be objective, and avoid what will offend.
Remember, it's all cyclical from now until the end.
In the presence of a purpose uncontrolled by world events;
centered on the here and now, a message heaven sent.
Study this one carefully, take notes and imitate.
Accomplish this and you will see a glimpse of your own fate.
Read between the lines, but keep the drama clear in focus.
When you elevate to security, don't get lost in hocus-pocus.

The ability to see yourself for who you really are
is a sign of Self and Will intact, with love to raise the bar.
Look back and track the larger trends that drive you to success,
and you will see how thing change without changing, more or less.
Don't compromise your innate sense; it serves you every day.
Recall the ancient axiom, 'Where there's Will, there is a way.'
Believe in your ability, but don't be burdened by perfection.
Be patient and accepting, and you'll like your own reflection.
No obstacle to Truth is there, so Believe it and relax.
When good and light shine down, they will illuminate the facts.

Humility can help you now, though it doesn't come naturally.
Friends who are open and willing to give can teach you empathy.
Wear the shoes of one you know, and envision the large benefit.
When you truly see both sides you'll find a much better fit.
Your image of Self is of one who acts, no matter the past has been.
Proceed into your future. Move forward, though the path is unseen.
Reorganization is called for. It's time to regenerate!
Though self-direction is laudable, you have too much on your plate.
There are many resources available to you. Take it easy as you go.
Don't be seduced by how easy it is. It's best if you go rather slow.

Tested like a student to take account of competence,
you've achieved all expectations. Your obligations have been met.
Soon drawn into a project that requires all you are able,
you must have versatility. You must also be stable.
Your resolve must be unequivocal to do precisely what it takes.
Consider all your options, but accept for heaven sakes.
The stimulus is considerable. Be quick; adapt and move.
The sequence is transformative, once you get into the groove.
The situation is fortunate. Take advantage while you can,
but be careful with the knowledge that can destroy a smaller man.


You've cultivated attitudes, the habits of a winner,
and trained to notice traits in both the saint and in the sinner.
Miracles occur with group discovery successes,
a gift for all who recognize who lies and then confesses.
There is no need to emphasize that which otherwise would negate.
Some feel they dare not dream because of what is on their plate.
Be humble, do not point at them in ways that will embarrass.
The light that shines for all to see is not intended to scare us.
Be guided by self-knowledge, by your conscience and your soul,
and your feisty provocations will advance you to your goal.

The potential to discover truly wondrous emotions
will fill many hearts with ecstasy, now that you have begun.
Follow up relationships, new contacts that you make.
It's important to do what you love. It's love, for heaven's sake!
Keep conversations personal, and humorous to feel.
Communicate your compromise, if you want to make this deal.
An opportunity approaches to accomplish an important task,
and it requires commitment to gain rewards for which you've asked.
You must, of course, discriminate. Be careful how you choose.
Treasure those you decide to keep, for others you will lose.


It's difficult to feel secure when moving at this pace,
but trust will surely follow once you protect your private place.
There are those who challenge themselves to exceed personal bests,
cooperatively performing head and shoulders above the rest;
stirred to excel by cheerers on to rise to the occasion
aroused, engaged, and inspired by adulation and ovation.
In friendly competition, rewards for all who participate.
It's exciting once you realize that it really never is too late.
You save the day, you're a hero, but it's not about fame and praise.
Work must be done. Do it in fun, the best work of all will be raised!

There's bound to be confusion now, so prepare psychologically
and the tinge of doubt you feel will never overcome self-belief.
Be patient, don't lose sight of your goal when at the mercy of fate.
These may be times that try your soul. Continue; persist; stimulate!
When affected by a censure, every slight is magnified.
Stressful situations can eat you up if kept inside.
Learn from past experience. Reinterpret and create.
Adjust your plans with knowledge that you can affect your fate.
Life under expectations can affect you outer look.
Uphold your sense of inner worth. Stop going strictly by the book.

Imbalance institutionalized in culture is a frustrating predicament.
Nothing anyone tries to do seems to make any difference.
Significant disparity exists between those who have and have not.
Attempts to help the disempowered can drain you of all you've got.
Lighten up, no advantage thinking you're the only one who knows.
Spontaneous developments have the power to direct the flow.
Surrounded by those taking sides, resist the impulse to join the fray.
No one has all the facts yet. Uncertainty still rules the day.
Who wants to be a millionaire? Now everyone can be;
with a million friends through thick n-thin. Begin with you and me.

The time has come for changes, transformation very real.
It's safe. Move on. Don't be afraid. It's time to spin the wheel.
Return to that which kindled you, creativity inspired.
The things that once weighed you down no longer makes you tired.
Open to ideas that surround you, and agree.
Trust them when they're at their best for all the world to see.
Traits pass through generations both for better and for worse.
Your current situation reflects its blessing and its curse.
You can't escape your heritage, so confront it face to face.
Spring to action. Chart a course. Your struggle is no disgrace.

It's up to you to decide the way, and know what's to be done.
It's an opportune time to organize, be energetic and have fun.
Assert your independence. Don't depend on promises made.
Do what you can do for yourself, if you want the bills to get paid.
When you're pit against your own family, co-workers or friends
be mindful that in relationships, means are not justified by ends.
What others think doesn't matter, so you really shouldn't fret it.
It's silly to subject yourself to the influence of those that don't get it.
Charismatic people attract like bees to a flower.
Confront your fear of being alone to release your hidden power.

You lead the way and must decide which doors to open or close.
Leave the past where it belongs. Embrace the future that you chose.
The sacrifice can stress you out, but you certainly can handle it.
Aradical change is inevitable, so there's no use in resisting it.
Aesthetic qualities of your work are threatened by need to produce.
The pressure you feel is a product of how success can also seduce.
It's risky and uncomfortable, the position you are in,
entrusting others with much of yourself in the endeavor you begin.
There is no formula, no guarantee. Rigorous effort is demanded.
Have faith, hope and confidence, and this fish too will be landed.

Nature cuts off access. Can't get there from here, that's a fact.
You cannot control the changes, but you control how you react.
Though others jump to conclusions, you needn't go this way or that.
Have patience. The truth will be revealed. It wasn't a serious a spat.
Trust in their integrity, and their ability to be clear,
free of sentimentality as they cut from ear to ear.
It's springtime for you, so blossom. Act quickly the timing is now. 

You know it's a great opportunity. It matters not why; it's the how.
Experience the victory as you cross the finish line.
Cherish what we have made together. It's ours, remember not mine.

Your abundance has obligations that require you to go on;
to build on the foundation you have tempered to be strong.
Trust those who taught you to express truth without worry or want.
Obliged to do what must be done, mentors won't understand can't.
Learn from success and failure, note what works and what don't.
Imagine the world aesthetically. don't let the past define you and it won't
Release yourself from 'used to be'; detachment's the hallmark today.
Consider it a change of season. Chill's over; warm's on the way.
Keep focused on the long distance. Look past a week, or a year.
Investments pay compound interest. You have nothing to fear.

The impediments that held you back were put there by yourself.
In the interest of safety, you put achievement on the shelf.
Though tortured by self-mastery, but centered in the present,
experience and discipline allow passions heaven sent.
Acting out or injuring, the knowledge is astounding.
There's enormous help available. Never mind who you are rousing.
Prepare for disappointment. Fellows may be letting you down.
Don't expect the field to be level. 'Me first' can screw you around.
Make contact with the one whose influence you cannot resist.
Assistance will prove invaluable, though you may have to insist.

Make of yourself enough so you can blast right out of here.
Lightening strikes but once for most, and that is what fear.
So it's a shock! what else is new? It happens every day.
Don't say I didn't warn you if you miss your chance today.
Look at how distracted you are. Cut what's slowing you down.
You will find what to stand for where what you're against is found.
An electric drive to victory, unstoppable change sweeping through;
exciting times, though chaotic. Don't let them go by without you!
It may upset at first, though it will soon be viewed a gift;
this strife and turmoil incumbent to yet another paradigm shift.

She knows why she's here. Emulate her. What you want to achieve
is an understanding of purpose, and of how to give and to receive.
Disciplined in ways to clearly see the openings,
look past the obstacles, because they do not mean a thing.
Read the bottle. Know it says, 'No deposit, No return'
The heavens also chart a view of lessons you should learn.
Be regular in spiritual practice. To benefit, please cooperate.
We all have distractions, but your routine has been lacking of late.
It's teamwork over personal goals. Everyone needs to contribute.
If this isn't a unified effort, the progress we've made is kaput.

It's run amuck! It's out of control! It has taken on a life of its own!
Caught inside consequences, it takes effort to cope with outcomes.
You can do whatever you want. So do it and get on with it.
It can be an evolutionary step. Don't be a procrastinating nitwit.
Normalcy is disrupted. It's a radical shakeup.
Focus on the task at hand. Hunker down, and cover up.
Rely on the senses nature gave, since you can't control the ending.
Knowing when to cut your losses is the key to keep on winning.
A spirit of excitement is emerging. Everyone feels the effects.
It may only be temporary, but it's the best of its kind witnessed yet!

Environments brimming with kindness; abundant care and support;
everyone's looking out for each other in concern of a friendly sort.
You're a force to benefit the people - a tool, a service, a plan.
Others rely on your value. Spread the wealth. You're the (wo)man!
Gifts from your admirers are blessings to cherish through time.
Elevated in warm recognition of that which you know is sublime.
Act on your passion's conviction. Continue to articulate.
Assert without inner restriction. Tomorrow just might be too late.
On the brink of many dimensions, developments unfold and merge.
No one comprehends every detail. Just appreciate the new surge.

You must submit to the judgment. You may not enter a plea.
Your thoughts and words are on display for all the world to see.
Prepare; the question is coming. Defensiveness won't win the day.
You have time to get ready, but can't win if you won't risk the play.
Your environment demands effort that pushes you right to the edge.
Don't exceed what is healthy. It messes with body, spirit, and head.
Family patterns, traits and such, are things that we can't change.
Regenerating sins pass on, and we just can't rearrange.
The best and worst that we possess are passed one to another.
Sometimes it's difficult to just admit that all of us are brothers.

Look within and recognize that part of you resents;
for that's the thing that keeps you stuck in this cycle of events.
Generally, you move along taking the better and the worse,
but part of you is stuck on pause, resisting closure of this verse.
Scrutinize your attitude. Is it prompted by resistance?
Examine your hesitation. It will strengthen your insistence .
Soon comes a chance to realize a dream, efforts about to bear fruit.
Be sensible, lest you discover the project cost all your loot.
Assignments require diplomacy, coded messages back and forth.
The outcome is shrouded in obscurity. Detection finds its worth.

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