Stupid Presents

I reside in Perryville.
 But for writing notes, I'd be very still.
 For I am there, writing notes right now;
 not still. My will and words allow

 that, at this time, you read what's written
 by such as me, a true nitwit smitten;
who puts on screen this stuff to read
for whoever may feel a true nitwit need.

I'm not very clever, nor truly that smart.
My IQ, when measured, falls right off the chart,
which leaves me confused. So, I use what I know
to do what I can, then my dumbness won’t show.

Any peace of mind I may find, here or there,
is posed in the prose and the poems I share.
So, if I've a gift for portraying my presence
in rhyme, at this time, consider Forrest Gump’s essence.